Snowy Creek Lodge

This review is especially relevant for property owners in Big Bear Lake or Big Bear City and surrounding areas who are looking for an outstanding vacation rental manager. In sum, Big Bear Escapes – with Doria at the helm – is the clear choice for vacation rental management in the Bear Valley area!! We were extremely unhappy and underwhelmed with our former management company, which is very large (too large), and recently switched the management of our vacation rental cabin to Big Bear Escapes. Honestly, we could not be any happier with Doria and her team. She truly treats and maintains our property as if it were her own, and takes a hands-on approach to caring for the homes she is responsible for. She is so easy to reach via phone, text or email, and she takes pride in her work and has total focus on her clients and their guests. She has great energy and works overtime to deliver service in the most professional manner. Doria is all about the unexpected touches and “extras” that clients value, and for that reason we value her. Our cabin feels like a home and not a spartan vacation rental thanks to Doria and her employees, which are carefully selected and loyal to her. And did I mention that our cabin has been BOOKED like crazy thanks to Doria’s advertising and hustle!?! She is a true rock star!
“Snowy Creek Lodge”

Sugarbear Chalet 1 -2

January 21, 2016

Big bear escapes

My wife and I have gone through multiple property managers. The big ones and not so big.

We were lucky enough to put the rite (lucky) google key words and pulled Big Bear Escapes.

With Big Bear Escapes our bookings started rolling faster than we could ever have expected

In our past dealing with the lesser property managers we would end going to our cabins for a quick stay.  We would end up doing the work the property manager should have done.  Ie cleaning, little handy man repairs.  Not with Doria’s team.  We always find our cabins in top notch condition.  That is very nice.

Doria also has an extensive network people that will get the job done rite. Ie..electricians, plumbers, general contractors.  All of whom we have used with great results.

Regarding Doria she is:

·         Tenacious

·         Honest

·         Intelligent

·         Cleaver

·         Resourceful

·         Fun

Those are just the first of Doria’s attributes that pop to my head.  Those attributes would be the ones I would look for to define in an ideal property manager.

Bottom line we would highly recommend Doria to our friends or anyone else looking for a great Big Bear property manager…


Dan and Vic Knott

869 Los Angeles Ave. Sugarloaf

857 Los Angeles Ave. Sugarloaf

Redwood Lodge

My wife and I purchased a lovely vintage cabin in 2014 for a vacation property  for our family to use

to get away from the hustle and bustle of LA! We decided, since it was not being used full time, that we would look for a property management company to rent out our cabin. I interviewed a few companies in the BB area and the one that we chose was Doria , CEO of Big Bear Escapes vacation rentals! We were elated to have such an efficient and professional staff to manage our cabin rentals. Doria was diligent in her efforts to keep our cabin booked, screened her clients well, and her excellent staff always kept our cabin extremely clean and well taken care of.  If there was ever an emergency or if anything needed to be addressed, Doria contacted us right away.  It was a pleasure not to have to worry about a thing!!

The Gift Basket was delightful and welcoming as well, as I read through my guest book.  I highly recommend Doria and her staff at Big Bear Escapes! They are absolutely terrific!

Thank you Doria.

The Redwood Lodge

Lolli and Lee First

Lake view Getaway

We purchased our lakefront condo in 2013. I interviewed several property managers but one stood out – Doria of Big Bear Escapes. She has not disappointed. Our unit has been rented consistently to rave reviews from her clients. The unit is kept in immaculate condition and the amenities and service provided are over the top. I would highly recommend Doria if you are looking for a top flight property manager or a good person for a friend.



Lake view Getaway

Lake View Retreat

Doria  and her crew at Big Bear Escapes are top notch!  I should know.  I
have been with other management companies who are more about booking a
rental than they are about finding the right client who wants to enjoy
your home but at the same time will respect your property.  Doria
carefully screens all prospective clients and ensures that the renter is
responsible.  In the event something occurs to your property–and
sometimes events outside our control do occur–Doria quickly works with
the renter to resolve the issue and gets the issue resolved.  We all
want the same thing: to have happy renters and happy homeowners.

and her crew makes sure that happens so that the homeowner can have the
peace of mind that our property is being well protected and maintained.


Chateau Badeaux

Having worked with numerous management companies in Big Bear I feel I am qualified to compare Big Bear Escapes with the competition. As a home owner of Chateau Badeaux one of my top priorities is the care and management of my home.  From experience, companies will promised all in order to obtain the homes, but little is done to keep them.

They claim that they  will personally check  in on the homes, but the reality is it is up the the housekeepers to do so. Most of the time the house keepers are either new, so not familiar with your home or to busy to note damaged or missing items. With Doria and her crew I find the opposite  to be true. Doria personally expects the property prior to the guests arrival, and than again after their departure.  She has contacted me on several occasions to advise me of a damaged or missing item. In the past when my family and I came for a weekend, I use to spend the better part of a day cleaning, after the cleaners, noting damage and/or missing items. Now I am able to enjoy my home and family time.

My second priority is the amount of rentals and the treatment of the guests. Since I am a proactive renter I have a lot of direct contact with the guests that I book. After their stays I contact them to make sure that their stay was of the highest quality, since I am hoping that they will return. I have many written comments, and am pleased to announce that they are positive.  They are happy with the quick service they receive when they find they are in need of something, the cleanliness of the home and special touches that

Doria personally makes sure are available,  for instance, a Welcome Basket with wine or sparkling cider, fresh coffee, popcorn, snacks and candy. The bathrooms are also supplied with shampoo and soap for each guest.

I have never made this statement in regards to the other property management companies I have used for my property Chateau Badeaux.  I would highly recommend Doria and her staff. They are professional and courteous and the service they provide to both the homeowner and renter is top notch.

Blue Moose Lodge

Hello Homeowners, this is Brion, from “BRION’S SECRET”
in Big Bear Lake. After having rented out my home for over 10 years in
Big Bear Lake with a few other rental companies, including the biggest
one in big bear, I have made the decision to go with the very personal
owner/managed local company, The agency is owned
by the very hard working and talented lady known as Doria.  When I first met Doria,
I quickly felt very confident in her marketing skills, advertising
strategy and just plain common sense and it was a truly a joy to finally
meet someone who was very passionate about what they do, providing a
very personalized unique custom care for both homeowner and renter. She
is very forth coming with me about all bookings and guest negotiations
for my treasured home.  Her very busy daily work routine with the
company includes advertising, bookings, finances, web management,
cleaning, maintenance, ordinance compliance, supply management and so
much more …. I am very satisfied with how she runs her company and is a
joy to work with. She communicates clearly and is very timely with
accounting. When something needs attention, a trusted handyman is
dispatched to take care of it immediately. My home is always perfectly
clean and her attention to detail is above and beyond that of any
company I have worked with in the last decade. Bookings have increased
over 50% from previous rental companies primarily due to her “hands on
approach” and personalized service.
So to summarize, I will sincerely say that I am very happy
with Big Bear Escapes for all that they perform for homeowners and also
what they do for the guest, providing a wonderful gift basket with each
booking. For the special Holiday dates, a turkey or ham and even
champagne is included! Okay, now that’s a nice touch! My guest book is
full of comments indicating that they all coming back to book “BRION’S SECRET”
and are very appreciative to Doria and her staff. So homeowners, if you
are dissatisfied with your current rental company or if you are a
homeowner and looking for a quality rental company, this is the one!
Doria will take very good care of your place. So contact Doria at
“” or call now (1-800-475-5216) you’ll be glad you did


“Brions Secret” Satisfied Homeowner.


Lake View Chalet

We’ve used Big Bear Escapes as our property management company since we
bought our cabin in 2010.  Doria is really great to work with and always
keeps us up-to-date on new rentals and anything important pertaining to
our property.  She’s done a great job booking the cabin and the renters
are pleased to return and work with her.  We look forward to working
with Doria for years to come!

Jana Lake View Chalet

Lake View Hideaway

Way to go Doria, you are the best. We first contacted you on 8/12/10 and you had us set up with our first booking on 09/03/10. We never would have had a booking in September with out your help. But wait, you did it again by booking Thanksgiving weekend over a month in advance. Wow, we are so pleased with your hard work. You not only offer the best service in town to our guests but also take fantastic care of your home owners. Quick response to all our questions, flexible and truly concerned about your home owner. You our the perfect solution for vacation home owners in the area. Last but not least your company Big Bear Escapes offers clients so much more than the average vacation home rental service. Just contact Doria and you wont be disappointed, if you are looking for a vacation escape or renting your cabin I highly recommend Big Bear Escapes over all the others.

Sincerely Donn and Chau


Moon Shadow Lodge

I wanted to let you I was pleased with the level of service received
from you. It was my 1st time booking a cabin and my group and I were
impressed with the Moon Shadow Lodge and its amenities. We really
enjoyed the spa and game tables. We hope to stay again in one of your
lovely rentals. I appreciated the fact that all my questions were
answered in a timely fashion even in spite of the lack of cell phone